Spotify Playlist Management tool: PlaylistControl

How do you handle your Spotify Playlist Management?

Manage Spotify Accounts and Playlists

When we started offering Spotify playlisting services we quickly reached the capacities of our staff. Keeping close contact to each of our partnered curators, help them going for the right strategy, managing orders, pitching.. But mostly making sure that each track is added at the right time, the right place and that its being kept in for at least one month were the most difficult things to handle.

We’re now maintaining close relationships with more than 30 curators who manage more than 150 playlists in several genres with a total followership of over 1 Million.

How does it work?

So how can we be capable of monitoring all this and keep it running smooth for the satisfaction of the artists who trust in promoting their music with us?
We needed a Spotify Playlist Management tool, a software, a dashboard that shows all curators, all playlists, follower counts and further stats. One place for all our Spotify needs! So we teamed up with a group of IT guys and got to work. Half a year later the first usable page was there. To be honest, it looked discusting. But it worked!
Uncountable working hours later, and please don’t ask how much $ it has eaten, we have a beautiful, fully operating Playlist managing tool online. With all usual Spotify functions, further statistics, a real-time scheduler, deeper statistics and many more features.

If you wanna know how PlaylistControl works, please have a look at the following video:

It can be crutial for artists to have their own playlists too. Spotify likes it, you can support each other, drive listeners to your music etc.

Interested in trying? Go ahead, its free yet:

Happy playlisting ya’all!!

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