How It Works

  1. Make sure to read this guide and check the FAQ in case of further questions

  2. Submit your track at PROMOTE, choose your package and proceed to Paypal

  3. Our curators will listen to your track and critique your submission. If we feel your track fits our channel and has a good quality standard, we will promote your track through our network depending on which package you have ordered (see below which channels are included in the different packages). However, if your submission does not fulfill our quality standards and we are not able to support it, your payment will be fully refunded within 48 hours.

  4. Once your track has been accepted by our curators, the collective will start reposting your upload within 72h.
    We’ll send you a screenshot with the exact times when each account will share your track. You’ll notice that we spread out the reposts by 120 minutes each to achieve the maximum engangement. They’ll stay active for at least 48h. We will start the reposts during a prime time when most of our followers are online to assure you the best out of the promo.

This is how you’ll grow as an artist on Soundcloud when promoting with us:


These Soundcloud profiles will repost your track in case of a successful submission:

100k Repost Bundle: The Gentle FoxKing Of The SeaThe Vibing BeachDescent Into Nice,

300k Repost Bundle: The Gentle Fox, Ezy LimaSaxity,  KoniStan Sax, The Vibing BeachDescent Into NiceKing Of The Sea

600k Repost Bundle: The Gentle FoxEzy Lima, Saxity,  KoniStan Sax, Joseph Westphal, CloudchordConKiDescent Into Nice, King Of The Sea, The Vibing BeachGodlipsSterkol, MBP, Seizo, SowlmateTacachoLevi, Ninski, Flapo, Nick Talos, Kids Want Techno, Stone van Brooken, Jawster, Tech Me House

For further info please visit our FAQ