Frequently Asked Questions

First the golden qustion: IS THIS LEGIT?
Well, as legit as can be! Let us explain in just a few words:
You’re hiring our promotion agency to pitch your music to independent Spotify playlist curators. If they like your track, you’ll be added to their list and they report back to us. Once we reached the promised follower- and play-count we’ll send you a full summary of your campaign. There is no fake followers and no botted streams involved!!

Where do the streams come from?
It’s a combination of streams by the followers of the playlist and the organic search on Spotify. All playlists you’ve been added to will be in a proper search position on Spotify to gain streams for your track. Check it out!

How many streams will I receive?
So, a 100k playlist campaign doesn’t mean you’ll receive 100.000 streams! It means we’ll pitch your track as long as it has been added to playlists with a total of 100.000 followers. But we promise certain streams too:
With a 50k campaign you’ll get 200+ streams per day for at least one month. With our 100k campaigns it’s 400+ streams and with the 150k campaign 600+ streams per day! Keep in mind, that Spotify users listen to each track 2-4 times in average in the long run. So once they dig your music you should have greater returns also after the campaign.

Is this 100% organic?
Yes, 100%. It’s streams from organic searches on Spotify and playlist followers who are listening to the playlist you’ve been added to.

What if you can’t get me playlisted?
If we cannot find the right spot for your track you’ll 100% receive your money back within 7 days! Our partnered curators have a broad network of playlists though šŸ™‚

Do you own these playlists?
The playlists belong to our partnered curators. We do not own them ourselves. But we’re constantly looking to expand our own playlists too to help our favourite artists on Spotify.

Do you pitch to official Spotify playlists, too?
Our network contains 100% independent playlist curators. You can pitch to Spotify’s editoral playlists through your Spotify for Artists dashboard.

I have further questions!
Sure, we’re looking forward to assist you in any way when it comes to Spotify playlist promotion. If you have further question or feel like expressing feedback, feel write reach out at