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‘The Gentle Fox’ is an online music promotion service operating on Spotify.
We offer legit promotion campaigns to millions of real music lovers on the key outlet for emerging and established artists.

If you're looking to increase your reach, superfuel your numbers and grow your fanbase - this is your call!
More info about our work will be found below or in the description of our online music promotion campaigns. As well as in the Spotify promotion guides. First of all discover the website and make use of the knowledge we have gained over years in the online music business.

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Online Music Promotion

Young and upcoming promoducers, ambitioned promoters, same as established artists and managers are faced with the fast changing environment in the music business. Hence, effective online music promotion requires an up-to-date and technology focussed mind set. Plus a good understanding of the digital business. Our team at The Gentle Fox and the broader network of professionals we're working with consists of music managers, artists, IT experts, successful playlist brand managers and Spotify curators. Through working closely with and for artists over several years we've been able to create effective chains for online music promotion. Especially on Spotify – the key platforms for ambitioned artists.

To bring you closer to the goal of getting more streams and more fans we brought together all our knowledge for this Spotify Promotion Guide.

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We'd love to be part of your next release strategy! We're going help with your online music promotion on Spotify. With a broad network of playlist curators with a total followership of 1,5 Million followers on Spotify we're driving thousands of streams to our clients music each and every day.

If you want your music heard you wont get further without the right strategie in your online music promotion. We're looking forward to hear your sound and promote it to the right audience online, in today's digital music environment.